By The Bay With Nevie Marsh

By The Bay With Nevie Marsh

Having always had a connection to the slow ocean, coastal life I have always been drawn to the tropics. My favourite things are hibiscus flowers and I feel so much inner peace connecting with crystal blue waters.

Neve has a beautiful, calm and relaxing presence so much, so we call her our mermaid muse. Learn more about Neve and you’ll see why we love having her as part of our Marisol Community!



Teacher and traveller

I have a family of teachers and always loved children so thought maybe that’s the path for me! I absolutely love teaching and all the moments I get to share with young children.

My absolute dream would be to travel the world and document it. I have been lucky enough to travel half of Australia over the last 2 years and can’t wait to continue my travels!

My style in three words

Tropical coastal cowgirl! 

Island aesthetic and cowgirl aesthetic are my go-to style choices! I absolutely love a long flowy skirt and summery dresses. My staple items are a pair of blue baggy jeans, cute, fitted tops, and island dresses!



Having grown up by the beach, my soul has always ached to be near it, it’s what I’ve always known. Even my favourite movies are movies water inspired such as soul surfer and of course h20!

My celebrity muse, who I admire the most is Alexis Ren. I’ve followed her journey and life for the past 10 or so years and the woman she is, is someone I aspire to be! I absolutely adored her travelling era and always dream of experiencing the same.


Ideal Day

Waking up for a perfect 30 degree Summer day

A morning walk with my dogs at the park or a play on the beach

Enjoy the day at one of many beautiful Mornington Peninsula beaches, lay in the sun, swim in the sea!

Home, shower and relax on the couch with a tea or Coke Zero (my favourite, it’s an addiction!).


What’s next for Neve?

My forever goal is to become a travel influencer! I also have always wanted to be an actress, but I think I’ll have to save that for my next life!

In the next 5 years I’d like to finish my Bachelor of Teaching, continue my travels in Australia and internationally, and purchase my dream block of land in Airlie Beach!


Follow Neve’s journey at @neviemarsh_ 

Instagram for Nevie Marsh

Pictures by Neve, at one of Mornington Peninsula’s beaches in Marisol Cotton Sarong.

February 2024

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